Cadans Z (by Carosso VDL) wins the 1.50m in Wellington

Jan 14, 2020 - 12:28


Wellington (Florida, USA) – Cadans Z (Carosso VDL x Navarone) and rider Adrienne Sternlicht stayed double clear and finished in 36.80 seconds and took the victory of the 1.50m class.

Offspring of Arezzo VDL, Dakar VDL, Cardento and Azteca VDL also performed fantastic;

1.45m class;
2nd place – Favoriet U (Arezzo VDL x Ukato) – rider Kelly Soleau-Millar
1.40m class;
1st place – Harvester (Dakar VDL x Indorado) – rider Erynn Ballard
1.30m class;
1st place – Isabeau de Laubry (Cardento x Chin Chin) – rider Ilan Ferder
3rd place – Gideon (Arezzo VDL x Matterhorn) – rider Laura Chapot
7th place – Feromoon G (Azteca VDL x Padinus) – rider Danielle Torano


Picture: Dakar VDL

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