Zorro van de Mespel Z (by Zirocco Blue VDL) second in Wellington, Coverboy (by Veron) eighth

Jan 18, 2021 - 11:30


WELLINGTON - Zorro van de Mespel Z (by Zirocco Blue VDL x Escudo I) and Quentin Judge (USA) have achieved a nice second place in the 1.30m class in Wellington. In the 1.45m, Coverboy (v. Veron x Corland) and Catherine Wachtell placed 8th.

In 2020, Coverboy (by Veron x Corland) has been named USEF Amateur Owner Rider Horse of the Year in the USA in the 1.40 / 1.45m category, with a total of more than 23,000 points.

The jumping season 2020 has been very successful for Coverboy and his rider Catherine Wachtell. The combination claimed several victories in Ocala.
Coverboy also claimed second place in a CSI2* Grand Prix during the Global Champions Tour in the USA. In the 1.40m the gelding even became first. In Saugerties the gelding came in second at the HITs high amateur competition in the Black Barn $ 100,000 class.

Coverboy was bred by the Meeuwes family from Havelte and was auctioned as a 3-year-old at the first WEF Sport Horse Auction in Wellington under the name Collalbo.

Again many descendants of the VDL stallions were placed in the different classes in Wellington.
An overview of last week's results:
1.45m, 8th - Coverboy (by Veron x Corland), Catherine Wachtell (USA)
1.35m, 8th - Gomez (by Cantos x Voltaire), Hannah Hink (USA)
1.35m, 10th - Heike ES (by Falaise de Muze x Cade Z), Wilton Porter (USA)
1.35m, 5th - CW Incorported (by Corland x Indorado), Andrew Welles (USA)
1.30m, 6th - Suedwind's Zack Boom (by Zavall VDL x Stakkato),  Mattias Tromp (USA)
1.40m, 7th - Dominka van de Lucashoeve (by Cardento x Chin Chin), Susan Horn (Can)
1.40m, 9th - Indoktro K v.'t Kattenheye (by Indoctro x Kannan), Susan Griffis (USA)
Grand-Prix dress. - Bingo (by Goodtimes x Olivi), Reese Koffler Stanfield (USA)
1.40m,8th - Hollerno (by Baltic VDL x Ahorn), Peter Lutz (USA)
1.40m,4th - Primo Havall (by Zavall VDL x Zirocco Blue VDL), Paul O'Shea (Irl)
1.30m. 2nd - Zorro van de Mespel Z (by Zirocco Blue VDL x Escudo I), Quentin Judge (USA)
1.30m, 10th - Heike ES (by Falaise de Muze x Cade Z), Wilton Porter (USA)
1.30m, 11th - Little Lumi (by Indoctro x Lancer III), Matthew Boddy (Gbr)
1.40m, 11th - Kilkenny (by Indoctro x Guidam), Cian O'Connor (Irl)


Picture: Coverboy (by Veron x Corland)

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